By Noah Kaufman
June 22, 2017
It looks like the potheads already got to this one.

There are many great reasons to go to Colorado—the skiing, the clean air and now, the pot vending machines. Over the weekend, a company named American Green unveiled a marijuana vending machine called the ZaZZZ at a barbecue restaurant. Evidently the Taco Bells were booked solid. Denver’s Fox affiliate covered the event and scored an interview with the most “guy who owns a pot store” guy who owns a pot store in the entire state of Colorado (he shows up around 49 seconds into the video for your viewing enjoyment).

The machine isn’t officially up and running yet; it’s for display purposes only, although once it goes live it will have a range of edibles and plants from Herbal Elements that could range from Keef Cola to Cantaloupe Haze. And once it is open to the public you’ll still need to scan your ID and prove you have a medical marijuana card (no dice for you recreational smokers). Even with the restrictions though, this is undoubtedly the first step towards America giving itself the munchies in the same way it gets the Funions to cure them.