Noah Kaufman
June 23, 2017

America’s number one authority on bizarre health trends, Shailene Woodley appeared on David Letterman last night to discuss her new movie The Fault in Our Stars, but more importantly to talk about eating clay. If you recall, Shailene was one of the loudest voices behind the resurgence of oil pulling for oral health and clay munching is apparently another practice in a list of activities she undertakes to make herself as healthy as she can be. Here are the eight most interesting things we learned from the interview above.

 1. You can actually eat clay.

And here we were using it to make stupid things like pottery.

2. Colorado is the best place to source tasty clay.

Pot is legal there. Coincidence? We think not.

 3. You can make toothpaste out of it.

It even comes with a slogan: “Like gross Tom’s Toothpaste, but twice as gross.”

4. New York City taxi drivers are apparently an authority on what pregnant women around the world eat and it is clay.

It’s a little known secret that taxi medallions are only handed out to anthropology PhD’s.

5. Clay and dirt are different things!

She doesn’t know exactly how, but she’s pretty sure it’s true.

6. You should eat a teaspoon a day.

Come on everyone, that is an amount of clay we should be able to handle.

7. Clay helps with excretion whatever that means.

Sounds gross, probably is gross.

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