By Christine Quinlan
June 22, 2017
Courtesy of 10 Dollar Shirts

While many consider puns a feeble type of humor, we're not above putting them on our chests. Here are our favorite, fully-intended, food Ts.   


Droppin Beets, $29


Surf All Day Shuck All Night, $30


Oh Kale Yeah, $20


I Like Pig Butts And I Cannot Lie, $21


Every Chef Needs a Good Acid Trip, $30



Dill With It, $28



Praise the Lard, $17



Bitch Peas, $10


Oh Snap, $20


Winner Winner Chicken Dinner, $24


I'm All That and Dim Sum, $20


Take A Pitcher…It'll Last Longer, $14 


Scrapple Don't Ask Don't Tell, $22


A Party Without Cake is Just a Meeting, $26.50


Pho Shizzle, $20


I'll Guac Your World, $20 


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