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Updated April 25, 2014

It’s almost that time when you can start spending Saturdays over an open flame, surrounded by your friends or whomever your friends decide to bring with them. Whether you’re cooking a whole hog or just throwing some burgers on the grill, it seems like you are always surrounded by the same group of people.

1. The advisor

Yes, we know indirect heat is best. Yes, it is almost time to throw some charcoal on. No, we haven’t heard about your trip to Franklin BBQ yet. Please tell us.


2. The one who brought the beer

“If you guys could just kick in like five bucks each, that would be awesome.”


3. The one who doesn’t drink beer

Sorry, no one brought wine. Prosecco? No, no Prosecco. If we wait for the ice in the cooler to melt you can have some water though.


4. The Vegetarian

There are like nine different sides. Just pick one of them.


5. The DJ

He just puts plugs in his iPhone and puts it on shuffle because he doesn’t have any bad music.


6. The cold one

It is sunny and 72 degrees and she is still wearing a sweatshirt. Some people are just not meant to go outdoors.


7. The day drinker

It’s 2 in the afternoon and he’s already four beers deep.


8. The “Is it Cool if I Smoke” one

Would it even matter if we said we didn’t want our yard to smell like pot?


9. The one with the dog

This is the best person. Or at least she has the best dog. Next time she’s the only one invited.


10. The new boyfriend/girlfriend

The BBQ is the ultimate proving ground for any new partner. If he or she can talk to a yard full of strangers, you’ve got a keeper.


11. The next-door neighbor

Oh, you heard the party from over the fence? Of course, you can come over. Oh, sure, it’s fine that you didn’t bring anything this time. Or last time. Or the time before.

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