By Mike Pomranz
Updated: September 04, 2015

Daniel d’Entremont must know that nothing fuels a gaming session like a fridge full of cold beverages. That would explain why the self-described “modder at heart” decided to modify a mini-fridge into a fully functional Game Boy that actually looks like a giant version the classic handheld system.

According to his blog, d’Entremont says the project took him “a lot of working for about three days, at about three hours a day.” But the proof is in the pudding, or in this case the YouTube video, as he recently posted footage of the Game Boy Fridge—which he calls the “Cold Boy”—in action, showing him playing a bit of Pokémon.

The Cold Boy came together with homemade wooden buttons, a screen mounted into a hole in the front of the fridge, a Raspberry Pi computer, and a lot of wiring and insulation. From there, a Game Boy emulator provides the gaming action.

Of course, Game Boys were intended for handheld play, not refrigerator-size play, so d’Entremont admits the actual playability of the fridge isn’t great. “[It] is so large I found myself basically punching the buttons,” he writes. “But since they are so far apart it [makes] game play a bit awkward, also, you have to sit on the floor to play it.”

You don’t turn a fridge into a Game Boy because it’s practical, though.

[h/t Neatorama]

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