Clara Olshansky
Updated September 23, 2016

This lasagna is so small that even the mouse in your kitchen might think the portions are kinda stingy. Artist Jay Baron, who's pretty much the king of tiny-fying foods, has made a full-on lasagna no bigger than the tip of a finger. Using proportionally tiny implements from his tiny kitchen, Baron has created a true masterpiece of tininess.

To make this itty bitty dish, Baron begins by setting up his little oven, a gorgeous little contraption that would fit in the palm of your hand. He powers the stove top with two tea candles, adjusted with a mini fire poker, and then sets the little frying pan and pot on top. It's enough to make anyone who ever had a dollhouse super jealous.

Once the kitchen is set up, Baron pours water into the pot from tiny measuring cups, mashes up the ground beef with a tiny fork, and adds spices from tiny vials. In a move that will make you fear for the safety of the flesh on his fingertips, he even grates tiny chunks of cheese on a tiny cheese grater. A series of similarly minuscule operations later, he's got his tiny lasagna ready for the tiny table.

Of course, it would be a shame to waste this entire tiny kitchen set up on one lasagna. Baron's used the kitchen for all kinds of little foods: chimichangas, bacon and eggs, lamb kebabs, stir fry, and more. In fact, he even made a super small painting with super small instruments, proving that he can tiny-fy more than just foods. For more tiny goodness, you can follow Baron's YouTube channel, Walking with Giants.

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