By FWx Editors
June 23, 2017

It’s December and that means it’s gingerbread house season. We’ve seen the construction of gingerbread cities, gingerbread starships and extraordinarily expensive gingerbread houses. But we haven’t seen one quite as ornate as this before. British luxury cookie boutique (there are three words that don’t seem to fit very well together) Biscuiteers spent more than 500 hours on this aristocratic masterpiece. It’s based on Waddesdon Manor, an estate built for Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild to house his art collection. The gingerbread gives a bit of golden hue to many of the rooms reminiscent of the home of another member the uber wealthy that’s been in the news, but this is a holiday story so there’s no need to dwell on that for too long.

According to Biscuiteers over the course of the months spent building the house, the gingerbread engineers used more than 65 pounds of butter, 240 eggs and 475 pounds of icing. And everything, right down to the individual billiard balls in the game room that a gingerbread Baron de Rothschild probably entertains his rich gingerbread friends in their little gingerbread cravats, were hand frosted.

The house will be on display at the real Waddesdon Manor until March. Check out the rest of the pictures below if you want some inspiration for your own gingerbread houses or if you want to feel just a little more insecure about your own cookie construction capabilities.