FWx Editors
Updated August 31, 2016

Ari Dockland-Miller and Jenna Antonino DiMare are not only mushroom hunters, but educators as well. The self-described “mycophiles” shared their passion for foraging with Great Big Story in the hopes of removing often associate with picking mushrooms in the wild that you might poison yourself. The pair seek out mushrooms around Brattleboro, Vermont and Dockland-Miller says finding the fungi gives him an “unbelievable rush.”


The woods of North America are home to some four dozen edible mushrooms including the well-known chanterelle, black trumpet and hen of the woods varieties. But finding them takes time, patience and sometimes digging through dead leaves and moss to do so. Dockland-Miller and DiMare don’t make money off of their mushroom hunting, it’s purely passion. They only bring home enough for themselves and a few lucky loved ones. One look at the beautiful scenery and serene sport of mushroom hunting, and we’re sure you’ll be grabbing a knife and a knapsack and making your way to the woods.

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