By Mike Pomranz
June 22, 2017
Photo Composite: © Getty Images/StockFood; © Getty Images/StockFood

“Whiskey & Candy” may sound like the worst song from an ‘80s hair metal band’s greatest hits collection, but in Japan, it’s also a surprisingly popular new food and beverage pairing. It makes sense: ‘80s hair metal bands always bragged about being big in Japan.

Pocky began as a Japanese brand of chocolate-covered pretzel but branched out to include other flavors like strawberry and matcha. And this month, the brand is making a direct play at the legal-to-drink crowd by reintroducing a take on its chocolate pretzel candy called “Otona no Kohaku,” or “Adult Amber” Pocky – a version that is intended to resemble the flavors of, and even be paired with, whiskey.

Adult Amber Pocky uses a chocolate that is richer and more bitter than its usual coating and includes a whiskey aroma to give you that true boozy vibe. To tie the candy and beverage even further, Glico, the company behind Pocky, says this high-class pretzel stick is also made with malt extract.

Though this alcohol-inspired Pocky won’t officially be available until October 25, the product is expected to be popular. Glico first tried offering Adult Amber Pocky around this time last year and they sold out quickly. This time, the company says 300,000 boxes of the candy were made so hopefully everyone who has been looking to pair their whiskey with a chocolate-covered pretzel will finally have the chance.

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True, hardcore whiskey drinkers will still probably prefer their whiskey neat, but pairing your whiskey with a specially-designed pretzel seems a lot classier than just drowning a perfectly good whiskey in Coke.

[h/t RocketNews]