FWx Editors
Updated May 18, 2016

If you are currently in or managed to survive your college years, you have probably eaten your own body weight in instant noodles. But the history of the cheapest meal in the grocery store is actually tied to post World War II Japan. Facing food shortages after the war, the Japanese received supplies of flour from the United States. Unhappy with the suggestion from Americans that he and his countrymen should make bread instead of noodles, Momofuku Ando set out to figure a way to make ramen cheap, accessible and most important, storable. He was struck by inspiration one night at dinner to flash fry the noodles so they would keep. It worked wonderfully and more than six decades later, Japan still lists instant ramen as the greatest invention to ever come out of the country. Check out the video above from the folks at Great Big Story for the rest of the story on how the world’s microwaveable staple came to be.  


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