Courtesy of Whataburger
FWx Editors
June 22, 2017

Fast food fans from north of the Mason-Dixon line might not know the griddled creations of Whataburger. But the burger chain features one of the most extensive menus in the fast food biz and last year topped Business Insider’s fast food financial rankings. Whataburger has locations in 10 states, but the vast majority of those (537 to be exact) are in its home state of Texas. And if there is one thing people from Texas love more than their beef it’s their football and the two came together for a brief shining moment over the weekend—the first of the college football season.

Unfortunately it’s been a bit of a sad stretch for the once dominant University of Texas Longhorns. In 2014 and 2015 they put together the worst back-to-back seasons in almost 30 years. But it’s a new season and the horns got off to a fast start, beating tenth-ranked Notre Dame in double overtime. And like any proud Texan would, Whataburger engaged in a bit of Twitter trolling, tweeting out that Notre Dame could still get a win by stopping by for a burger on the way out of Texas.


And in case you were wondering about how much clout UT football has, that message was retweeted over 46,000 times, or, about 100 times more than anything else coming from Whataburger’s Twitter account. Neither Notre Dame Football nor the school’s official Twitter account decided to play along. Maybe they’re Steak ‘n Shake guys.   

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