Adam Campbell-Schmitt
Updated January 04, 2016

It's 2016, which means the race for one of the most important positions in the world has now officially begun. Trump and Hillary, who? I'm talking about the race to be the first viral video celebrity of the year! The front-runner thus far comes from Down Under, and he goes by the name Watermelon Boy. The hungry tyke was seen chowing down on a whole watermelon, rind and all, at an Australian cricket game on Saturday. As expected, the hashtag #watermelonboy quickly began trending on Australian social media (which is like American social media, except the downward spiral of civilized conversation goes in the opposite direction). Watermelon Boy has since made the cover of Melbourne's newspaper The Herald Sun:

Video of 10-year-old Mitchell Schibeci seated in the stands and biting into a melon like a giant apple was also featured as an ESPN Play of the Day. Schibeci certainly isn't the first to eat watermelon rind, but he may be the first to turn it into a successful publicity stunt. He admits the whole thing was a ploy to get on the big screen at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, telling the BBC, "It was a lot more hard work than I thought it would be… I just kept on eating and eating it." He's since been hailed as a hero, not only for shirking ungodly stadium concession stand prices, but for promoting healthy eating. "I'm not really a hero," Schibeci said, "I'm just a normal, average kid." With humility like that in the face of national attention, perhaps there's hope for the future after all. This November, I'd urge you to consider writing Watermelon Boy in on your ballot.

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