By Mike Pomranz
June 23, 2017

Jawbreaker candies can be tough to get through. If you’re not careful, chomping down on one of these hard, sugary balls could result in plenty of dental work—which is why there’s something rather satisfying about seeing a Jawbreaker getting its payback in this crazy video.

The YouTube channel Carsandwater has built a solid following by putting out videos of stunts like these in the past. “I play with fire so you don't have to!” the channel exclaims. One of the tricks he regularly keeps up his sleeve is putting ordinary objects up against a “red-hot nickel ball.” We’ve seen the red-hot nickel ball battle a watermelon and take on Jell-O.

But with a Jawbreaker, you really do feel like you’re getting some sort of revenge. You’re not as tough as you think you are, huh, Jawbreaker?! Still, it’s surprising how long it takes for the nickel ball to really do its work. No wonder those things take so long to dissolve in your mouth.

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