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Updated August 24, 2015

Between their likelihood of going viral online and their enormous size, deep-fried state fair foods have overshadowed traditional fair snacks like cotton candy both figuratively and literally. But the food innovators from Lick Me, I’m Delicious just added some much-needed excitement back into the cotton candy space. The Whirlwind spins strings of candy floss into balls of cotton candy at 60 miles an hour using a wind vortex. Like many of Lick Me’s creations, the Whirlwind will produce adult versions of a children’s treat, although they haven’t revealed exactly which flavors those might be yet. Hopefully they won’t try to re-create their Viagra ice cream as cotton candy.

The Whirlwind will be available for rent, but be warned: Cleanup might not be easy. According to the Lick Me, I’m Delicious website, “The Whirlwind is fantastic and messy, therefore we recommend it to be used outdoors in large, easily cleaned venues.”

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