By Carey Jones
June 22, 2017
© Jill Paider

Where: Tres by José Andrés; Los Angeles

What: Eggs sunny-side up are a longtime brunch staple (and formidable foe of hangovers everywhere). A dozen eggs? Now that’s serious firepower. At Tres in Los Angeles, José Andrés opts for tiny quail eggs, with a full dozen on each plate. It’s based on the Cuban dish Huevos a la Cubana—essentially, eggs with rice. Andrés’s version starts with a patty of white rice and onion, and the just-set eggs are draped over the top.

Wash it down with: Expect excellent mimosas and sangria, or for something a little more offbeat, try the Brazilian Screwdriver, with cachaça and freshly squeezed tangerine juice.

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