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Noah Kaufman
June 22, 2017

We live in New York and can tell you, space certainly comes at a premium here. For many city apartment dwellers, having a garden seems like as realistic a goal as having a combination dishwasher/fireplace/helipad. For those cramped but aspirational greenthumbs, the Wall Garden could solve a lot of problems. The project, from Living Art is similar to a Tower Garden in so far as it is a fully contained, reasonably compact way to grow ingredients inside. But, not only does the Wall Garden save you floor space, it also doubles as a framed piece of art.

Even better, the garden is also dummy proof. Once you fill the reservoir with water, it gets recycled so that you don’t need to think about plant care for a few weeks at a time.


The garden works using aeroponics, a technique that involves spraying water and nutrients directly on to plants’ roots allowing your garden to grow sans soil, which means no mess.

Living Art says they’ve managed to grow everything from mint to kale to strawberries on their walls, so the garden should prove versatile for such a small operation. And at $235 it’s about half the price of Tower Garden, another point in its favor.

Right now Living Art is running a Kickstarter and at the time of writing had raised about a third of the money they need. There are still two weeks to go in the campaign, so all you people living in tiny apartments, head over here to contribute and pick up a Wall Garden. It could give your windowless basement the touch of green it needs. 

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