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Mike Pomranz
Updated September 26, 2014

Marilyn Hagerty is back! In case you missed the awesomeness of her first appearance online, Marilyn is the columnist who went viral in 2012 with her earnest small-town review of Olive Garden. And she has once again returned to her casual-dining roots: earlier this week, she unleashed her opinion of Applebee’s.

At this point, the 88-year-old Hagerty, who writes for the Grand Forks Herald in Grand Forks, North Dakota, is well-known for her plain-spoken style, a touching throwback to when factual accuracy was more interesting than opinionated flair (and super funny jokes!).

Needless to say, her take was pleasant and casually positive. She and a friend both enjoyed a Chicken Oriental Salad—a half size, of course. You can get a full size for $9.99, but you don’t need that. You should also know that, though Applebee’s is a good place for lunch, “later in the day, it features drinks, appetizers and dinner.” If you didn’t know, now you do.

Marilyn concluded her meal by splitting a $1.99 dessert shooter she called “just right.”

In a world of snark and sarcasm, it is always refreshing to hear from somebody enjoying the simple things in life.

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