By Mike Pomranz
September 23, 2014
Pandas, Now Part of a Complete Breakfast
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This is how we leave you for the Labor Day long weekend. If you’re one of the literally handful of people who has been complaining that your toast doesn’t look enough like a panda, then your dreams have come true!

Straight from Japan (where else?) comes this bread shaper that, according to retailer Jbox, will “make your breakfast fun and cute when you're greeted by a cute morning animal...sitting up and waiting for you.” Simply press the shaper into your bread, then fold, then toast. Or something like that. The instructions are in Japanese, so we’re not entirely sure. Regardless, you’ll be having plenty of fun (and cuteness!) in no time making panda paninis or spreading strawberry jam all over toast panda’s face (kinky!). Just think of all the possibilities.

Actually, give us a second. We’re going to go think of all the possibilities. Then we’re going to order a panda bread shaper to test them out. BRB on Tuesday.  [h/t Laughing Squid]

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