Mike Pomranz
Updated June 16, 2016

Nothing quite epitomizes the intersection of high-class and low-class lifestyle like pouring rosé on your breakfast cereal. And the rapper Tru Life is very familiar with that intersection. According to XXL, he has always had a fondness for pouring rosé over his cereal – typically Fruity Pebbles – both before and after his six-year stint in prison. (My guess is that for about six years, a mix of rosé and Fruity Pebbles was probably hard to come by.) But now that he’s a free man, he may be focusing on a new endeavor: a completely packaged rosé cereal.

Yesterday, Tru Life posted on his Instagram account a photo of a box of “Rosénios” – ostensibly some sort of rosé-themed cereal either because it’s flavored with rosé or is perfect for pouring rosé on instead of milk. The rapper didn’t include any real details along with the pic other than the caption “The waits over no more cheerios ‘ROSENIOS’cha ching!!!!!” followed by a bunch of party popper and money bag emojis and then, of course, the hashtags “#glutenfree #chaching #mogultree.” Apparently, I don’t understand the rap world as much as I thought I did.

Granted, the glitzy box looks more like a mock-up than an actual forthcoming product. As pointed out by First We Feast (probably the top authority on hip-hop-related food news), “There's no word yet on whether Tru will actually be selling ‘Rosénios’ to the masses. Before his arrest, the rapper had a reputation for … creating Internet gags.” Dude’s apparently no slouch when it comes to Photoshop.

Gag or not, and I’m definitely leaning towards the former, you can’t blame rosé lovers for dreaming. There just aren’t enough wine-flavored breakfast cereals on the market today, and that’s a tru statement.

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