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Clara Olshansky
June 22, 2017

This noodle bowl is straight out of Frozen. Tempura Matsu, a restaurant in Kyoto, Japan is selling noodles in a stunningly gorgeous bowl made out of pure ice—they make your noodles look cooler than an amber fossil. Inside this bowl sits the delicious inaniwa udon dish: handmade noodles made with mugwort and topped with raw quail egg yolk and wasabi. The bowl itself is a giant brick of ice with a pocket scooped out on top to hold the meal. In addition to looking awesome, the bowl serves a functional purpose. It adds water to the noodle broth as it melts. In fact, the Tempura Matsu chef encourages customers to pick up the ice and sip up the cold, water-filled udon broth once they've finished their noodles.


For an added measure of prettiness, in the spring Tempura Matsu serves their ice bowl udon noodles with pickled cherry blossom flowers and grated yam. Of course, this isn't the only time Tempura Matsu has knocked it out of park on plating their dishes. In fact, it seems like everything Tempura Matsu serves is super Instaworthy. Their clam and veggie dish covered in clear dashi jelly (a jelly made from fish and kelp stock) looks otherworldly. Much like the ice cube bowl, its transparent shimmer is almost too gorgeous to be believed. And, even cooler, the jelly melts into a soup, so your food transforms before your very eyes.

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