By Noah Kaufman
June 22, 2017
© Lindsay Ames

Where: The Larchmont, Los Angeles

What: Stuffed French toast is usually the most decadent dish on any brunch menu, but chef Kevin Kathman wanted to see exactly how much he could stuff into his crisp, eggy bread. He starts with house-made brioche, which he fills with peanut butter mousse. Next up, he adds applewood-smoked bacon glazed with maple and Dijon. And just in case you were thinking the whole dish felt a little light, Kathman tops it all with seared foie gras and foie gras powder. 

Wash it down with: When dealing with as weighty a proposition as foie French toast, go with something light. Try the Larchmont Pimm’s Cup—their take on the classic with cucumber, mint, lemon juice and Fever-Tree ginger beer. 

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