By Chris Mah
June 22, 2017
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If you’re going gluten-free or Paleo, then we have great news: This monster bacon-wrapped breakfast burrito fits into your diet. Technically. The Vulgar Chef—the mad scientist of mashup foods, inventor of such delicacies as the poutine doughnut and others whose descriptions contain too many four-letter words for us to print—has just posted a video recipe making what he dubs the Meat Lovers Breakfast Rollup, a meat-filled breakfast burrito that swaps out the flour tortilla and replaces it with bacon. Yes, bacon.

The assembly is actually quite impressive, starting with the construction of a bacon weave and ending with a bamboo sushi-rolling mat. The intermediate steps involve eggs, sausage links and strips of ham steak (although, unbelievably, no cheese). The finished product is terrifying. Check it out yourself below. 

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