© Designer: Avihai Tadmor / Photographer: Studio Dan Lev
Clara Olshansky
Updated January 13, 2017

Looking for a way to power up your meals? Look no further than the Ravanello, a new kitchen tool that will turn any radish into a Super Mario-style Super Mushroom. It's the quickest way to become the super version of yourself without bashing your had against any blocks of brick.

To use this geek-friendly radish cutter, start by cutting off the tip of the radish. Once you've done that, press the now flat edge into the center of the cutter. Then you just turn the radish until your Ravanello stops you, pull it out, and use Ravanello's tip to create your mushroom spots. You're ready to power your salad up to Super Salad.

This Nintendo-ed out kitchen utensil was created by Avichai Tadmor, an Israeli product designer with an eye for the quirky. He designs for Monkey Business Design Israel, a company that prides itself on offering "fresh perspectives on the little things that make up your day." True to that mission, Tadmor has also designed tools that allow you to draw edible doodles on baked goods, to turn scrambled eggs into soccer balls, to slice cucumbers into gorgeous spirals, and even to sharpen pencils in Pinocchio's nose.

You may wonder, if you're such a Mario fan, why not just actually put a red and white spotted mushroom into your salad? Ha, well. Turns out, if you do that, you and anyone who eats your cooking is going to have a very special meal. The iconic Super Mario mushroom's color scheme, inspired by Alice in Wonderland, originally comes from the fly agaric mushroom, a psychoactive mushroom known for making things appear different sizes. Who knew the Mario brothers were so hippie-friendly?

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