By Farrah Shaikh
June 22, 2017
© Greecologies

Greek yogurt may be heralded as one of the hottest superfoods of the moment, but it comes with an environmentally problematic downside—whey. Whey, which you might know better as the cloudy liquid that sits atop lots of the non-Greek yogurt you eat, is thrown out by big yogurt producers like Chobani and Fage before packaging and it can wreak havoc. Extremely large quantities of whey have high levels of acid, which, according to Modern Farmer, "can’t simply be dumped. Not only would that be illegal, but whey decomposition is toxic to the natural environment, robbing oxygen from streams and rivers." But whey is actually worth saving. And eating.   

The yogurt byproduct is loaded with protein, probiotics and calcium. In fact, it’s so rich in all that good stuff that some yogurt makers are starting to package it as shots. Greecologies, a New York City yogurt shop, is creating flavored whey shots infused with ginger, jalapeño, peppermint and lemongrass. You can add all of these to your green smoothie or mix them in with your morning oats for extra flavor and protein. Greecologies is also making butter from the cream that forms on top of yogurt that they recommend mixing into your morning coffee.

The liquid whey for mixing in drinks is available now at their store on 379 Broome St. The shots will be make their debut later this year. 

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