By Mike Pomranz
June 23, 2017

Even with a niche fantasy setting and an almost uncountable, enormous cast of characters, Game of Thrones has managed to become one of HBO’s most popular TV shows ever. Everyone, it seems, wants in on the action—including a certain Internet animal celebrity.

A rabbit named Wallace became a bit of a YouTube celebrity when, about two months ago, his owner built him a cart to push beers around on. When future video stunts didn’t go quite as viral, Wallace TheMadKing (as his profile name calls him) decided to turn to some guaranteed Internet gold: Game of Thrones.

Using carrots, Wallace’s owner created a chair modeled after the TV show’s iconic Iron Throne. As you might guess, Wallace prefers chowing down on his throne rather than sitting on it—a move that’s made many viewers of this cute little video angrier than when they learned about the Red Wedding. One commenter seemed legitimately upset, asking, “Why on earth didn't you set him on the Iron Throne?! That's really what we were all waiting to see. Disappointing.”

The guy behind the video promises there is more to come. Yeah, I believe that almost as much as I believe that George R.R. Martin is almost done with the next book.

[h/t TIME]

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