By Carey Jones
June 22, 2017
© Cowan Whitfield

Where: Flinders Lane; East Village, NYC

What: Chef Chris Rendell, an Adelaide native, has a knack for pulling together flavors from across the globe at his modern Australian restaurant. So it’s not surprising that he does the same at brunch. The must-order for a solid morning meal is the smoked Tasmanian sea trout—with a crisp potato pancake that’s made with Chinese pork sausage. Add a poached egg and some mustard and you’ve got a cross-cultural but indisputably awesome brunch. 

Homesick Aussies can add an order of toast and Vegemite—comfort food for them, but perhaps terrifying for the rest of us. 

Wash It Down with: Start with a flat white, Australia’s espresso drink of choice, before moving on to a Spiced Greyhound, a refreshing tequila-grapefruit drink with a little hit of chile. 

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