Carey Jones
June 22, 2017

Have you ever seen a crab sandwich this, well, crabby? It’s the work of the new Los Angeles restaurant Sawyer and executive chef Alex McWilliams. “We focus on serving the freshest seafood available, in many cases directly from the fishermen,” says McWilliams. “The hyper-seasonality and short season of soft shell crab exemplifies our mission.”

And given that seafood bent — it’s not just the crab that comes from the ocean; the bread has a little something seafoody, too.

The bread: A black bread made in-house. “It is our take on a basic Parker House roll recipe. We add squid ink — for color, of course, but also for a rich buttery umami bomb that counters the acid in the mayonnaise and the sweetness of the crab.”

The filling: The crab is buttermilk-soaked, coated in seasoned rice flour, and fried. And cabbage slaw is dressed with a "kewpie" style mayonnaise, made in house, with charred scallions. 

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