By Mike Pomranz
June 22, 2017
© Saul Loeb / Getty Images

Whether we’re talking about wine ice cream or ice cream flavors built around cocktails, boozy takes on the beloved frozen treat always seem to pique people’s interest. So it’s no surprise that recent rumors suggesting Ben & Jerry’s may release a new “Urban Bourbon” ice cream have taken the web by storm.

Unlike the aforementioned 5 percent ABV Mercer’s Wine Ice Cream or equally strong cocktail-inspired offerings from Tipsy Scoop, it’s pretty improbable that Ben & Jerry’s spirit-flavored pints will contain any booze. Still, the simple suggestion of an ice cream from the famous Vermont producer that promises “burnt caramel ice cream with almonds, fudge flakes & bourbon caramel swirls” is enough to get ice cream lovers with a whiskey-appreciating palate excited.

Ground zero for the rumor mill appears to be an Instagram post from user @candyhunting that features an image of the supposedly forthcoming product’s packaging. “You heard it here first!” @candyhunting writes. “New Urban Bourbon Ben & Jerry's will hit the freezer aisle in a few months!”

Though Ben & Jerry’s said they were not willing to discuss any upcoming flavors at the moment, some investigative work on Thrillist provides a bit of pretty sound support that the flavor is on its way. The ice cream brand apparently filed for a trademark on the name “Urban Bourbon” last year, and a bit bizarrely, Walmart already has a page to buy the product on its website, though that’s where any additional details from Walmart ends.

So at this point, we have little choice but to sit back, relax and keep our eyes on the freezer case to see if Urban Bourbon ever shows up or if this flavor is more of an Urban Legend.