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Joey Skladany
June 22, 2017

We don't know whether to be sad for humanity or happy for the world's greatest chefs. 

In news that will make us take the words "this tastes orgasmic" all too literally, 51 percent of women now claim that eating feels as good as doing the dirty. These stats were pulled from a recent study conducted by Eaters Digest, suggesting that most women are really turned on by what they eat, perhaps forever opting for Hot Pockets over hot sex. 


The magazine's sample size of 11,976 people ranged from 18 to 55 years old. In addition to the question "which feels better, eating or having sex?," participants were asked to further clarify their love for food by choosing between the actions of having sex and dining out. Shockingly, 42 percent of women would go for the dinner, with 31 percent saying both options were about even in appeal (in contrast, only 26 percent of men said they'd rather dine). This implies that 73 percent of women polled would argue that dining sounds more or equally desirable than having sex. It's important to take these results with a grain of salt, though. No shade on Eater's Digest, but they're no Gallup. 

Seems like the gents need to get some new bedroom tricks. Either that or we're just living in a world where food is more amazing than ever. The latter certainly could be true with #foodporn like the fried chicken pizza sandwich or churro cake, but who says you can't have your cake and great sex too? Come on people, it should be a win-win. 


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