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Clara Olshansky
Updated July 26, 2016

If you're looking for a breakfast fit for a queen in a fairy tale, head to New York's Union Fare café. Union Fare brings us the red velvet croissant, a magnificently decadent pastry that combines all the buttery goodness of a croissant with the cocoa-y richness of red velvet. As if that weren't enough flavor to wake up to, these pastries are even filled with cream cheese custard. Between their decadence, their sweetness, and their color scheme, these croissants are the Queen of Hearts' dream come true.

The red velvet croissant is the creation of Union Fare's pastry chef Thiago Silva. If that name sounds familiar, you may know him from his cinnamon bun-stuffed doughnuts or his incredible cake creations. The red velvet croissant is drizzled with red syrup and topped with red velvet cake crumbs, so it's basically red velvet on red velvet on red velvet. He's serving these croissants at the Union Fare Bakery on 17th Street, open 8am to 9am every morning.


Along with the red velvet croissants, Chef Thiago also serves a number of other indulgent croissant creations at the bakery. You can get oreo-topped and Oreo-butter-filled cookies n' cream croissants, funfetti- and frosting-stuffed birthday cake croissants, peanut-topped and jelly-filled PB&J croissants, rich crème brûlée croissants, and mascarpone-filled green tea croissants. If dessert-style breakfast isn't your thing, you can also opt for the everything bagel-inspired croissant.

Chef Thiago's croissants range from $4-$5.50, depending on which you get. The red velvet croissant costs $5, which may be a high price to pay for a croissant, but it's a small price to pay to feel like royalty. If you're not going to be in New York anytime soon, you can always scroll through Union Fare's food porn-filled Instagram.

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