© Tyler Darden
Carey Jones
Updated August 04, 2016

We know it, you know it — any fried seafood in a bun is a truly delicious thing. (Oyster po’ boy lovers of the world, unite!) But at Rapp Session in Richmond, Virginia, chef Dylan Fultineer goes another route with his Oyster Roll: simply poached, with homemade chow chow (like a relish), salsa verde, and tartar sauce, all piled atop a buttery brioche roll.

“Oysters work well with sweet and sour components,” he says — hence mignonettes, lemon wedges, and similar oyster sidekicks.  “The oysters are poached in butter so they keep their salty, sweet and buttery texture.” He calls it a play on a lobster roll, “without the lobster.”

The bread: Brioche from local bakery The Flour Garden.

The filling: While those butter-poached Rappahannock oysters steal the show, they light up with a fermented, slightly funky chow chow, creamy aioli that acts like a tartar sauce, and a fermented jalapeño hot sauce that has “leeks, garlic and a few other secret ingredients.” We’ll never say no to a little spice. 

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