Mike Pomranz
June 22, 2017

The stigma behind dining alone has seemed to subside in recent years. But just because people won’t stare at anymore when you ask for a table for one, doesn’t always mean you want to dine alone. Sometimes we’d all prefer a little companionship. That gave a ramen chain in Japan an idea: Why not offer customers a virtual video date with their bowl of ramen? Though whether or not that will cause people to … well… I’m not so sure.

According to RocketNews24, until the end of the month, the Osaka-based ramen chain Sasayama is giving customers at two of its locations QR codes allowing them to fire up one of five smartphone videos featuring members of the girl group Hamburgirls Z (don’t ask me; I didn’t name the group) eating ramen alongside the viewer. Sure, it may sound a bit silly, but let’s be honest, when eating alone, you tend to spend half the time staring at your phone anyway – so why not kill two birds with one stone and just turn your phone into your dining companion?

Diners get a QR code with every single bowl (collect all five creepy fake dates!), but if you want to try before you buy – or maybe just save up some cash and go on a free date with a homemade pack of Nissin Top Ramen instead – you can see an example of one of the videos here…


That said, I don’t know how you plan on scoring a second virtual date by just watching this video at home. These aren’t some virtual schlubs! These are virtual pop stars! You gotta take them somewhere nice. Like Sasayama Ramen!

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