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Clara Olshansky
June 22, 2017

How scatological are you willing to get with your dessert choices? It's one thing to eat at a restaurant where the seats happen to be closed toilets and ice cream happens is served in a bidet or to eat "unicorn poop" peppermint bark, which hardly resembles a unicorn's leavings at all. It's another thing entirely to eat a dessert that looks eerily like the poop Emoji and sits atop a cookie crumb and chocolate mixture that looks...um...a little bit messy itself. Still, that's what you would have gotten if you'd headed over to The Naughty Churro, a roving churro pop-up shop in L.A. and Orange County, August 5th-7th.

The poop Emoji churro consist of a coil of chocolate churro sitting on top of an ice cream sundae. There are a couple options for the sundae: Oreo crumbs or Fruity Pebbles. Both include a drizzle of Nutella.


This isn't the first flash of churro creativity that The Naughty Churro has come up with. Previous churro innovations include the Winner Winner, which is maple- and cinnamon-covered fried chicken sandwiched between two churros, and the Cotton Candy Churro Ice Cream Sandwich, which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: cotton-candy flavored ice cream between two cotton candy flavored churros, topped with edible glitter and an edible butterfly.

If the pretty/charming approach doesn't appeal to you, and you're really just in it for the potty humor, here's hoping The Naughty Churro brings back their poop Emoji churro. Until then, you can always make yourself some Poop Emoji Peeps.

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