Mike Pomranz
June 22, 2017

Someone once said, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Though exactly who said it is up for debate, I think we’ve discovered the job that guy was talking about: professional pizza eater and sports watcher.

Yesterday, Pizza Hut announced that they are seeking to fill the position of “Pizza Hut All-American.” According to a press release, the “one passionate sports fan” chosen to take the gig will be offered $50,000 “to travel to as many Division I NCAA championships as possible, sharing their journey with millions of sports fans everywhere.” The concept is similar to the “Drink It Intern” bar chain World of Beer offered earlier this year, paying people to travel around the country drinking tons of beers and documenting the experience on social media. In an ideal world, some sort of reality TV show would document which of these people managed to put on the most weight during their tenure.

Pizza Hut is launching the contest to promote its new multi-year agreement as the Official Pizza of the NCAA. That includes getting involved with all 90 NCAA championships happening during the 2016-2017 college sports season “from basketball and hockey, to bowling and beach volleyball, and beyond.”

Of course, just like pizza toppings, some sports get more play than others. Whereas the NCAA March Madness tournament could be seen as, say, the pepperoni of NCAA championships, there are also sports like water polo, which is kind of like pineapple: People who like pineapple on their pizzas really like it, but the rest of us kind of pretend it doesn’t really exist. The Pizza Hut All-American will hopefully give some pizza-friendly exposure to these lesser acknowledged athletic competitions.


Looking to toss your name in the $50,000 pizza-eating and sports-attending hat? “The ideal Pizza Hut All-American talent will demonstrate passion for all NCAA sports and will be outgoing, enthusiastic and eager to share their All-American journey with fans online,” the brand writes. “The right talent will also be social media savvy, with a proven track record of creating great content. Pizza Hut will narrow the list of talent to three and put them through the paces of what an activation might be like. Pizza Hut will also enable its social communities to partake in the interview processes with some portions being live streamed and allowing fans to submit interview questions.” Who knew pizza contests were so much work?

If you want to apply, you can do so on Pizza Hut’s website.

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