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Clara Olshansky
June 22, 2017

If you imagine a little doughnut shop in Portland, Oregon, you'd probably picture some super diet-restriction-friendly, welcoming little shop (perhaps with a bird on it). Sadly, that might not be a perfectly accurate description of Pip's Original Doughnuts, a Portland doughnut shop that recently found itself receiving of a lot of heat. Why? Apparently many think that the shop's hiring policy discriminates against vegans.

The controversy started when Pip's issued a job posting for a new server/barista. The posting explicitly told people with "non-medical, non-religious dietary restrictions" not to bother applying. Pip's seemed to be referring to vegetarians, vegans, and people who choose to go gluten-free, because the shop wants its servers to be able to taste the fare (which can include bacon and other meats).

This posting has sparked quite the controversy, since many Portlanders see it as discrimination against vegans. Of course, whether or not you have dietary restrictions, you might take some issue with the tone of the posting, which includes such lines as "We don't need another moody hipster providing lame service in Portland," and imploring applicants when writing their cover letters to "BE REAL."

Soon after listing the job opening, Pip's came back with a long Facebook post claiming that they'd been victim to cyber-bullying and fear tactics. We don't know what exactly the emails they'd received said, but the Facebook post has received hundreds of comments from both sides of the controversy.


Pip's hasn't changed the job listing at all, but they have offered a little leeway in response to all the controversy. A subsequent Facebook post allowed, "If you...have a food restriction but meet all of our other requirements, send me an email...with your suggested workaround." So that's something.

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