By Adam Campbell-Schmitt
June 22, 2017
© Zhang Peng / Purple Turtle Photo / Getty Images

There’s pretty much no way to ruin an Oreo (okay, maybe one way), and thusly mashing up the sandwich cookie with anything (like candy bars or beer) is only going to be an improvement. If you’re a fan of McDonald’s McCafe menu, then these Oreo-fied treats are guaranteed to pique your interest.

Courtesy of McDonald's Hong Kong

Of course, you’re probably noticing the non-English characters on the menu. Sadly these promotional items featuring Oreo’s latest Oreo Thins cookies are only available in Hong Kong for a limited time. There’s no word as to whether we’ll get these options stateside, but they do sound delicious.

There are hot and iced Oreoccinos, Oreo tiramisu, a chocolate cheese tart and an Oreo tiramisu latte, all of which sound amazing… in a “ruining your resolutions” kind of way. And yes, the beverages are garnished with an actual Oreo Thin.

See the treats in action with a very excited announcer below:

[h/t Popsugar]