Noah Kaufman
Updated July 25, 2014

Scientists have been working on synthetic food for a while. It's possible to grow meat in test tubes, to make cheese using the genetic code of cows instead of milk, and, theoretically, to live off of a bland liquid instead of eating. But in the above clip, designer Johanna Schmeer turns her synthetic food fantasy into eerie art.  

Schmeer's project, Bioplastic Fantastic, is her response to research that suggests it is possible for a plastic cell to carry out a chemical reaction. In simpler terms, it's possible that plastic food could one day plastic food could be made to hold nutrients. The video focuses on seven imaginative "foods" that produce everything we need to survive, from water to fiber to fat.  “It is purely a conceptual project and it’s not technically possible today to make this concept a reality,” Schmeer says. But the video is more than just an eerie art project. She believes that the technology could be possible in the next 50 years. So does anyone want to split some syrup dripping off green tentacles with us in 2055?

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