By Carey Jones
June 22, 2017
The only corn dog you can eat for brunch
© Jenna Liberman/ The Publican

Where: The Publican, Chicago

What: This beer hall-inspired restaurant from one of the country's best chefs, Paul Kahan, takes meat and drink seriously. So even the more offbeat offerings are beautifully composed. Case in point: The Breakfast Sausage Corn Dog that's an occasional brunch offering.  The Publican's own maple-chili pork sausage is dipped in a cornmeal Belgian waffle batter, then deep-fried and served with lemon whipped cream and seasonal fruit. It's the order of choice when your Sunday morning brain just can't make up its mind: Do I want sweet or savory? Real food or junk food? 

On the side: The Publican's spicy pork rinds are legendary--and pair nicely with the house Bloody Mary you'll start with.  

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