By Mike Pomranz
June 22, 2017
Donald M. Jones/ Minden Pictures/ Getty Images

If one thing defines Thanksgiving, it’s certainly not “giving thanks”; it’s “eating lots.” But though Turkey Day is a day where we take off work to gorge ourselves, data from diet and fitness app MyFitnessPal suggests that not everyone used their day off strictly to push the limits of their stomachs: Supposedly some people found the time during the holiday to work out as well.

According to The Baltimore Sun, athletic apparel brand and MyFitnessPal owner Under Armour released stats from users who entered their eating and workout data in the app over Thanksgiving Day. Probably the most interesting tidbit is that Thanksgiving was a more active day than a typical non-holiday Thursday, with users burning about 15 percent to 16 percent more calories this Turkey Day than they had the Thursday before.


Of course, though the numbers may sound mind-boggling to those of us who spent our Thanksgivings focusing on things like beer, football and pie (in that order!), it’s probably not that surprising that more people would work out on a holiday compared to a workday when finding time to stay fit is far more challenging. Plus keep in mind that this data is from a subsection of Americans who are using a diet and fitness app. My guess is that if you were somehow able to include data from people who don’t use a fitness tracking app, those calorie burning numbers would start to balance out quite nicely.

In other findings, MyFitnessPal data suggested that Washington DC, Massachusetts and New York were the states who consumed the most calories this past Thursday. Our nation’s capital apparently led the way with average app users in the area downing 2,592 calories for men and 2,011 calories for women. Again, keep in mind these people use a diet and fitness app – in case you find yourself asking, “Were these people even trying during Thanksgiving dinner??”