By Carey Jones
June 22, 2017
© Lisa Fain

Where: El Original, NYC

What: Tex-Mex fare is having a moment in New York, which is good for many reasons, particularly when hangovers are involved. Nothing kicks one to the curb like lots of queso and a margarita. El Original, launched their breakfast menu just this week featuring nine kinds of breakfast tacos, including our favorite: migas. Think crispy tortilla chips with eggs, cheese, and pico de gallo. You can get your migas on plate with home fries, but we like them as tacos for that tortilla in tortilla action.

Wash it down with: If you’re feeling virtuous get some cold brew coffee from Brooklyn’s Pulley Collective or a Jarritos Mexican soda. Otherwise, if a brunch cocktail is more your style, try the "El-O Fresa Frozenita," a strawberry-cinnamon frozen margarita with cinnamon-ancho salt.

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