Mike Pomranz
Updated May 19, 2016

In the United States we have watched as ramen has transformed from a cheap, cook-at-home instant meal staple to a far more upscale restaurant fad. Worldwide appreciation of the soup has risen so much that last year, a ramen restaurant in Japan became the first in the world awarded a Michelin star. But now, it appears things may be coming full circle, as that restaurant is going to be introducing its own instant ramen.

Tokyo’s Tsuta only has nine seats, but as of last year, it has a ninth of a Michelin star—one for every seated guest. Despite that high honor, ramen dishes at the tiny shop are still relatively affordable.  But getting your hands on Tsuta ramen is soon going to get even easier and cheaper. The prestigious ramen shop has partnered with convenience store chain Circle K, as well as its sister stores Sunkus, to start serving a Tsuta-approved ramen dish in their store.


Sadly, those looking for the stereotypical hot soup will be disappointed. This instant ramen made from “thin noodles and a soy-based broth enhanced with chicken bullion, fish stock, and flavorings that mimic the truffle extract found in Tsuta’s restaurant ramen,” is intended to be eaten cold, according to RocketNews24. That said, patrons probably won’t complain about the price: only about $4.60.

The uber-upscale instant ramen will be on sale at participating locations throughout Japan from May 24 until June 20 – so grab it while you can. But the good news is that it’s still instant ramen, meaning if you want to stock up, it’ll probably stay good on your shelf for… oh, I don’t know… a thousand years?

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