By Adam Campbell-Schmitt
June 23, 2017

You may not be planning a trip to London specifically for fried chicken, but if you find yourself there and in need recommendations then Elijah Quashie is your man. The 23-year-old is raising up (or dressing down) London’s chicken shops on his Chicken Connoisseur YouTube channel which has recently started gaining steam. The latest installment of “The Pengest Munch” series which reviews Chick King in Tottenham has garnered over 100k views. And they’re very funny, too, assuming you’re fluent in North London accents and slang.

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Quashie has taken to visiting and rendering a verdict on an oft overlooked part of London food culture, as chicken shops are usually passed off as less-desirable fast food. But we all know a good piece of fried chicken is hard to come by and a thing of sheer beauty when it’s done right. Most episodes include wings, chips, a fried chicken burger and a beverage, which basically sounds like what I'm going to get for lunch after watching a few of these. So cheers to Quashie as he continues to eat his way around London. Who knows? With the Chicken Connoisseur’s spotlight, some these cheap eats might start getting the price hike they probably deserve.

[h/t Buzzfeed UK]