By Mike Pomranz
June 22, 2017
© Radius Images / Alamy

To hell with Highlights! Today’s kids are looking for more high-minded reading, at least according to the makers of Butternut, a new food magazine for children between the ages of 2 and 6 currently attempting to launch via a Kickstarter campaign.

Though the idea that an age group notorious for its picky eaters would suddenly want to get gourmet with its food might bring a chuckle to some parents, the publishers’ logic behind their project isn’t particularly flawed. “We love dinosaurs,” creators Jill Colella and Jill Bloomfield say on Kickstarter, “but there are very few adults who think about dinosaurs every day.” Instead, they argue, adults think about food—many of us way too much (I’m thinking about a chicken parm right now)—so why not get that education started earlier?

Butternut offers up a sample fall issue on their Kickstarter. The results hit a wide range of topics; some, like a memory-type game matching lesser-known squash varieties, are about as pretentious as you might expect. But others, like a kid-friendly recipe for roasted pumpkin seeds,are things we probably would have appreciated when we were 6.

Whether you think this is the magazine your child has been waiting for or, as some have suggested, an April Fools' joke gone awry, is depends on personal tastes (and maybe which part of Brooklyn you live in). But Butternut does appear to be headed for the presses. As of writing, they are only about $800 away from their goal with 23 days to go. 

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