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Adam Campbell-Schmitt
June 22, 2017

Lupe Fiasco is one of most-respected rappers in the game. From his first major single "Kick, Push" to projects with Pharrell, Rick Ross, Ty Dolla Sign and unlikely collaborations with decidedly non-hip hop acts like Imogen Heap and Ed Sheeran, the 34-year-old Chicago native has already racked up a dozen Grammy nominations. You might think this would all go to Lupe's head, but according to his latest freestyle titled "Express," the guy is still humble enough to have lunch just like the any of us who still go to malls: at Panda Express.




Rapping over the instrumental "Panda" by Desiigner (which Kanye West also sampled on The Life of Pablo), Lupe spits a hook that gives a pretty solid rundown of the Chinese fast food chain's menu, making him an unofficial brand ambassador with lyrics like:

"Teriyaki, Panda, bigger plate, Panda,
Waitin' in line I got manners,
I work with them chopsticks like Daniel.

Teriyaki, Panda, Orange Chicken, Panda,
Honey Walnut, Panda, express myself, Panda,
I know it I don't need no sample,
I'm a professional, don't need examples,
The Sweet Fire Chicken, bananas,
Might have me dancing like Hammer."

The flavorful track could a be taste of Lupe's forthcoming album Drogas. Of course Lupe didn't just talk up his favorite food court hangout, he also threw in a little self-promotion for good measure. At the top, Lupe invites fans to grab some merch on his website and reminds us that he'll be back on tour in April. But you'll have plenty of money to spend on hoodies and concert tickets thanks to Panda Express:

“I mean you go in there with like $15 dollars, get you a whole meal."

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