Mike Pomranz
Updated February 02, 2016

I come from a simpler time. Back when I was a young man, everyone had an indie rock band and heated all their food up in a microwave. Nowadays, I the kids are into metalcore and real cooking, and thus we have the web series Metal Kitchen – which has gotten off to a roaring start.

Featuring screaming metal vocalist Linzey Rae and music from her band The Anchor, Metal Kitchen garnered over a million views at the end of last year with its first YouTube offering: probably the loudest instructional video ever dedicated to making shepherd’s pie.

Now, the Internet’s favorite metal cooking show (I assume?) is back, this time showing off how to make a birthday cake. Fortunately the video has captions, otherwise those instructions would be pretty hard to follow – at least for untrained metalcore ears like mine.

The Anchor says they’ll be back with a new Metal Kitchen video every other week – assuming Rae’s vocal chords can keep up with such an arduous schedule. So grab your oven mitts and your ear plugs.

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