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Mike Pomranz
June 22, 2017
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When your daughter is one of the most famous performers on planet Earth, you might as well take advantage of that name recognition, even if you’ve just written a cookbook and your offspring’s most famous culinary creation is a meat dress.

Scheduled to be released this November is the Joanne Trattoria Cookbook: Classic Recipes and Scenes from an Italian American Restaurant. The cookbook is written by the owner of Joanne Trattoria, Joe Germanotta – who is probably more famous for being the father of Lady Gaga. In fact, that’s the first thing the Amazon listing for the book reminds you: “A collection of recipes and anecdotes, inspired by the world famous restaurant Joanne Trattoria, owned by Joe Germanotta, father of Lady Gaga,” reads a bolded sentence right below the title.

Of special interest to Lady Gaga fans is that, beyond simply being one of Joe’s beloved children, she’s also written the foreword for the forthcoming book. Beyond this fact – which is also listed prominently on the front of the book – there’s no indication as to what her foreword says. But hey, Lady Gaga is a mysterious woman.


Though Gaga isn’t officially connected with the restaurant, the whole place seems to bask in her aura. Before the restaurant opened in 2012, the New York Times ran with the headline “Lady Gaga’s Parents to Open Joanne Trattoria.” And in general, the reviews have been…mixed. The New Yorker said it seemed like “the sort of place Joey from Friends would take a date.”

Still, if Germanotta wants to release a cookbook, that’s fine by me. My only suggestion would be that, instead of a foreword, maybe include a download code to an exclusive song or something.

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