Courtesy of flatev
Mike Pomranz
June 22, 2017

Serious question: How much space do you have in your kitchen? Maybe I’m too obsessed with glassware. Maybe I haven’t perfected a stacking system for our bulky Le Creuset’s. Still, even setting all of that aside, who seriously has room in their kitchen for a dedicated pod-based tortilla maker that is literally 11 inches by 14 inches by 15 inches and weighs at least 25 pounds?


Those are the actual specs for Flatev, which uses Keurig-like pods to make tortillas at the touch of a button. However, here are some even crazier numbers: $109,871 and 439. That’s how much money the brand has raised and the number of backers who have agreed to buy at least one of these machines via a Kickstarter campaign that launched earlier this week.


Even assuming all these backers have kitchens the size of a Food Network set or a giant basement to stash their Flatev in, how often are you really making tortillas? I love pizza. You know how often I eat pizza? Not often enough to make a dedicated pizza.

But the Flatev doesn’t even make a complete food item like my mythical dedicated pizza machine: It makes tortillas. That’s just part of a food. If it spit out finished tacos and had an alternate quesadilla setting, now we might be getting somewhere. But no, the Flatev is basically a machine that puts you to work. “Here’s a tortilla, now go hunt yourself down some carne asada before this thing I just made for you goes cold, alright?!” That’s what it’s telling you!

Look, I’m not saying the Flatev is a bad invention (though, with Kickstarter, you never really know), but unless you’re running a taco shop out of your house, this product seems like a bulky solution for a problem that doesn’t exist. Not to mention that, since it’s pod-based, if the company stops making pods, you’re left with a one-trick wonder that can’t even do its one trick anymore.

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