Adam Campbell-Schmitt
Updated February 01, 2016

If you thought America had the market cornered on ridiculous dog outfitsdog beer or other high-priced puppy accessories, think again. This adorable video of dogs in Japan proves our friends across the Pacific also pamper their pooches to a ridiculous degree. As Japan's population continues to decrease from a negative birth-to-death ratio, it's no wonder many single folks see their furry friends as their children. This means they tag along to restaurants (which Americans do, too), and in some cases even get treated to their own special menu.

The video is part of a series by BarkBox (provider of a monthly subscribe-by-mail doggie goodies service) showcasing how dogs in other countries live. And how they die. Yes, in Japan it's not uncommon to want pets interred in one of the countries numerous pet cemeteries or, at the very least, remembered with a special shrine. The headstones and shelf rentals aren't cheap, but it's a small price to pay to know your pup feels loved in the great beyond. You can also take a look at their other videos of dogs living in Nepal and Chile

While we're still waiting for the first dog café to open Stateside, if you're ever in Japan, let me know if they're as strict about humans ordering from dog menu as they are about adults ordering from the kids’ menu.

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