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Jeffrey Garten may be the most well-fed spouse in America. Spending 47 years as the husband to beloved chef and television host Ina Garten, he’s on the receiving end of some of most delicious-looking food porn ever broadcast. And Ina makes no secret she enjoys cooking for Jeffrey—hell, it’s the name of her new cookbook, “Cooking for Jeffrey: A Barefoot Contessa Cookbook." So it should come as no surprise that in Ina’s recent turn answering the famous Proust Questionnaire, a collection of preset prompts, for Vanity Fair, she invokes Jeffrey's name no fewer than seven times (thus causing him to appear from a cloud of East Hampton mist with a bouquet of flowers, I assume). The love of her life? Jeffrey. Her biggest regret? Not marrying Jeffrey sooner. Admit it, you wish Ina was thinking about you this much.


If Barefoot Contessa were a fictional television show, it would be one of the most delectably predictable procedurals on the air: send Jeffrey on an errand, gather fresh produce and sundries, cook the dish, serve it to Jeffrey when he returns home, all the while reminding the viewer how much “Jeffrey is going to love this.” (I believe that’s called foreshadowing.) And spoiler alert: he always does. The highlight of Ina’s Jeffrey-laced replies has got to be the one covering the darkest of topics, death. 

Is there room for one more?

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