By Mike Pomranz
June 23, 2017

Jurassic World will make somewhere between 100 million and eleventy billion dollars at the box office this weekend. The excitement about the movie has spread to every corner of the Internet, including the corners filled with hot dogs. Sausage Party, which remakes movie trailers with hot dogs and other foods, recently gave us its rendition of Jurassic World

If the whole thing sounds ridiculous, of course it is. But give the makers credit for doing their best to stick to the original trailer. Though you can choose to watch the remade trailer on its own, we’ve embedded the side-by-side comparison video above. Because though watching a movie trailer remade out of hot dogs is relatively funny, what’s funnier is taking the remake of a movie trailer out of hot dogs very seriously—like seriously enough to make sure it matches frame for frame.

Jurassic World hits theaters this Friday—just in time for grilling season. 

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